Navigating the job hunt maze

The struggle is real. Whether you're searching for your first job or making a career move, there's always the question of where to begin and which roles to apply. The answer is "skills"... Find out ways to ace your job search.

Navigating the job hunt maze
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Almost half of the people looking for a job are frustrated with their job hunt because they are unable to find the right positions to apply for. Job seekers experience several difficulties in their quest. The most common include that searching takes a lot of time and effort, and that they don't know where or how to look for jobs properly. Moreover, job seekers hold inaccurate beliefs about the job market, not knowing how to position themselves in terms of skills and wages.

Searching for a job in job boards is another problem. In Europe, there are so many job vacancies and the rate has been increasing in the last 8 years. Additionally, data shows that emerging professions will grow in 2025 from 7.8% to 13.5%, meaning that 97 million new roles will be created. Not to mention the increase in creative and unconventional job titles. What does “Marketing Ninja” even mean?! What to search for?

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Before jumping into solutions, let's first grasp the concept of a skill.

A skill is an ability to do something that comes from learning, experience or practice. For example, a programming language (such as Python) or recruiting for a sales position. Additionally, it may include personal traits like being a risk-taker or a team player.
  1. Begin your job search by evaluating how the job market aligns with your personal characteristics, such as skills. Job seekers typically browse job boards and job descriptions for this crucial information.
  2. Another effective approach is attending job fairs, where you can gather valuable insights about the market, including companies' requirements and desired skills, through engaging with potential employers and networking.
  3. Once armed with this information, you gain a clear understanding of how your skills align with the market. Begin by listing your skills, and then utilize online search engines to find jobs that specifically require these skills. By focusing on your skills rather than specific job titles, you expand the range of job opportunities you can pursue, explore alternative career paths, and enhance your chances of securing interviews.

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Job seekers struggle to find their way through the messy and challenging job market. It can be easier if you get to know better the companies, focus on identifying your skills and knowing what to search for in job boards.

However, this task can be effortless if you use a cutting-edge technology like eikko to find the right job.

At eikko you can use the advanced interface to identify your skills and do a personality test to find out more about your individual traits. Moreover, eikko shows you viable jobs and possible alternative career paths, according to your profile, instead of you scrolling endlessly on job boards.

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