The war for talent: recruiters vs job seekers

Priorities have shifted. People are now more likely to prioritise their health and wellbeing over work. There is a gigantic dance going on. Companies want people back in the office, and employees the right balance. How can we move forward so everybody wins?

The war for talent: recruiters vs job seekers
The wars of recruiters vs job seekers

The world of recruitment has changed a lot in recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating new work habits such as remote work and a greater focus on well-being and flexibility. Many companies have embraced these changes, with some even abandoning offices altogether. However, some companies have returned to the on-site model, while others have opted for a hybrid model that requires employees to come to the office 2-3 times a week. Despite these changes, employees are resisting the return to traditional work arrangements. They want the flexibility to pick up their children from school mid-afternoon, exercise in the morning, or go shopping during the day without having to deal with rush hour traffic.

This shift is creating a number of challenges for both recruiters and job seekers. Let’s look at the numbers:

Job seekers

The majority of talent aged 18-42 are actively looking for a new job and salary transparency.

  • 51% of currently employed workers are looking for a new job
  • Gen Z, the youngest generation in the workforce, is especially demanding of flexibility, mobility, and entrepreneurial freedom.
  • 58% of Gen Z workers are considering changing jobs in the next year, and 70% are considering earning additional income outside of their current employer, according to a recent survey.
  • “Quiet Quitting” employees know what they would change about their workplace: 41% engagement or culture; 28% pay and benefits; 16% wellbeing.
  • 91% of employees in Portugal want salary transparency.


Conversely, recruiters are facing a number of challenges in this competitive job market, including:

  • There are qualified talent but we cannot find the right candidates, making it difficult for recruiters to fill open positions.
  • Reduced hours and remote work opportunities: This has increased the competition for vacancies, as workers have more options to choose from.
  • 2/3 of hiring managers say young workers quitting are amongst top reasons they can’t fill their skill gaps.
  • Candidates are more likely to change jobs for a better position, even if it means moving to a new location.
  • Too many unsuitable candidates applying to jobs and ads: online ads are no longer as effective as they once were at attracting qualified candidates.
  • Rebuilding social work relationships looks different in a hybrid world.

Employees' "worth it" equation has changed, and there's no going back. (Microsoft Work Trend Index)

Time for a change

To meet the new expectations of employees, companies will need to embrace a mindset shift that considers the experiences of the past two years. Employees' "worth it" equation has changed, and there's no going back. The best leaders will create a culture that embraces flexibility and prioritises employee well-being. This is a competitive advantage that will build thriving organisations and drive long-term growth.

Here are some additional tips for recruiters and job seekers in this challenging market:

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The job market is constantly changing, but by understanding the current challenges and trends, recruiters and job seekers can both be more successful.

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