Do you need to meet all criteria to apply for a job?

The answer is no! You may be missing out on exciting job opportunities due to lack of awareness between essential versus nice-to-have criteria. With eikko, we categorize requirements as essential or optional, empowering you to make strategic decisions. Unlock your potential with a simple click.

Do you need to meet all criteria to apply for a job?
eikko - Falling short on job requirements

People often choose not to apply for a new job because they fall short of all the requirements listed in the job description. Do you relate? Lack of confidence, fear of rejection, interpretation of job descriptions as rigid criteria, and the assumption of intense competition… are some of the reasons that might stop you from applying. You will think twice before wasting your time and energy. This is especially true for women, since they only apply for jobs if they are completely qualified. Women may become overly fearful of failing because of bias.

Women don’t apply for jobs unless they’re 100% qualified.

Moreover, after eikko conducted an analysis of 40 job postings, it was observed that only 40% of these clearly differentiated between "must have" and "nice to have" requirements. In the remaining 60% of the job descriptions, there was no explicit distinction made between the two categories. This lack of differentiation contributes to the perception that all listed requirements are mandatory for consideration, leading potential applicants to believe they must possess every qualification mentioned.

Only 40% of job posts clearly differentiate between "must have" and "nice to have" requirements.

Not all job requirements are essential

In job postings, qualifications can be categorised into basic and optional requirements. Basic qualifications are essential and necessary for qualifying for the position, while optional qualifications are desirable but not mandatory. Here's an hidden rule: the optional criteria are often used to distinguish between a large pool of qualified applicants who satisfy all the essential requirements.

Example Basic:Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, proficiency in Java, software development experience. Optional: Knowledge of cloud technologies, experience with Agile methodology, familiarity with data analysis tools.

So, here's the deal: take a change and apply anyway because you rarely know which criteria are essential and which are optional. Even if you do not meet every requirement a company claims to be seeking, you may still be the best candidate for the position.

Preparing and submitting the CV is a waste of time

Say goodbye to the time-consuming and mentally draining process of crafting and sending your CV.

With eikko, we'll automatically match you with qualified jobs, saving you time and stress.

Plus, our categorization of job requirements as "must have" and "nice to have" empowers you to make strategic decisions, focusing your efforts on opportunities that align with your qualifications and aspirations. Simply click and apply with ease.

Apply for that job!

Apply for that job, even if you do not meet 100% all its requirements.

Most job postings list all the qualifications, even if some of them are optional. While applying for a job can be time-consuming and energy-draining, with eikko, we match you with the right job and it only takes a second to apply.

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