Discover how eikko’s recruitment platform work

eikko is like "Tinder", but for jobs - a platform that matches jobs and candidates. Discover how eikko's recruitment platform works.

Discover how eikko’s recruitment platform work
Know the features of our recruitment platform

An AI-powered job matching platform. It’s like Tinder, but for jobs.

Companies, Recruiters. Looking to fully understand our recruitment platform? eikko is transforming the recruitment landscape by introducing an innovative, science-backed job matching tool that empowers you to identify the right candidates quickly and efficiently. Our platform streamlines sourcing and screening, providing you with a shortlist of qualified candidates in no time, reducing time to hire by 80%. By utilising a multidimensional approach that considers various data points such as skills, behaviour, culture (…) for both candidates and companies, eikko helps you attract candidates with the right match and predict work-related outcomes. Our goal is to increase efficiency, reduce time to hire and eliminate bias. Here’s how we achieve it:

Improve your recruitment process. Hire faster. Hire smarter

We developed our platform to address the common pain points of recruiters:

  • The struggle to find qualified candidates among thousands of CVs: eikko's intelligent matching algorithm filters applicants based on specific criteria rather than keywords, saving you time and effort.
  • Subjectivity and bias in screening: Our objective assessment tools help remove bias from the screening process, ensuring fair and impartial candidate evaluation, while also increasing your candidate pool quality and diversity.
  • Too many unsuitable candidates applying to your jobs: eikko's targeted sourcing strategies minimise applications from unqualified individuals, saving you time and frustration.
  • The entire process is very frustrating and costly: Our streamlined approach reduces the time and cost associated with traditional hiring methods.
  • High employee turnover and talent competition: eikko helps you match with the right talent for your company according to goals, values, personality and so on, which can potentially lead to reduced turnover.

Streamline YOUR sourcing and screening

Knowing the challenges recruiters face in the hiring process, we've developed a solution that eliminates 80% of time to hire. Our focus is in simplifying sourcing and screening. This process cuts traditional hiring times from 71 days to an average of just 21 days. Simply post your job openings on our platform, and we'll provide you with a pre-selected pool of qualified candidates who match your company's needs. And then? Once you match with potential candidates, the only thing you have to spend time is on the interviews.

Experience the eikko difference

We use a multidimensional approach that takes into account multiple data points such as skills, behaviour, experience (…). eikko powerful matches job openings with candidate profiles.

Our platform's features include:

  • Job analysis: Our job posting process ensures that all job details are being accounted for.
  • Intelligent candidate matching: Our AI algorithm identifies candidates whose skills and experience align with your job requirements.
  • Objective assessment tools: We provide scientifically validated assessments to evaluate candidate’s personality, skills taxonomy and culture without the hiring bias.
  • Streamlined screening and evaluation: Our platform simplifies the screening process, allowing you to focus on the most promising candidates.
  • Enhanced candidate experience: eikko creates a positive candidate experience, boosting your employer brand and attracting top talent.

Embrace a Smarter, Faster Hiring Process

With eikko, you can revolutionise your recruitment process, finding the best candidates quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality or fairness. Our platform empowers you to make informed hiring decisions, reduce time to hire, and eliminate bias, leading to a more successful and productive team.

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