3 tips to boost your chances of getting hired

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3 tips to boost your chances of getting hired
eikko - 3 tips to boost your chances of getting hired

To get hired is the major goal in job hunting. It is easier said than done. You can use several strategies to increase your chances of success in a job hunt.

In February 2022, the euro area unemployment rate was 6.8%; 13.267 million men and women in the EU were unemployed, and 2.5 million were below the age of 25. Nevertheless, companies in Europe are struggling to hire. Europe’s job vacancy rate has been increasing since the pandemic hit in 2020, with a 2.8% rate in the fourth quarter of 2021. Moreover, in 2019 more than half of EU businesses had trouble hiring for ICT roles.

There are still many unemployed people even though job vacancies continue to rise. So, is there a mismatch between labour demand and supply? Do companies have the right strategy to hire? Or do job seekers know how to have a successful job search?

Evidence shows that distinct challenges may hold back the chances of a job seeker. According to recent research, job seekers search for employment in occupations with a small number of available positions, whereas other occupations with a larger number of available jobs receive less attention. Furthermore, low-quality resumes keep even the most determined and well-informed job applicants from getting hired. The lack of preparation in interviews lead to anxiety, affecting future interview performance and decreasing the chance of getting hired.

You need to tackle the searching, application, and interview stages to increase your job search effectiveness.

Here are 3 simple tips backed up by research you should try.

1. Searching for a job

Consider other occupations where skill transferability is high, that is, skills that can be used in a variety of roles or occupations. Study shows that by broadening the set of occupations, there was an increase of 44% in being invited to interviews.

2. Application

Data shows that submitting a tailored, well-written and updated CV increases the chances of getting an interview. For each job opportunity, understand the requirements and skills, and customize your CV by highlighting those skills in your experience or education.

3. Interview

Employers during interviews are looking for persons with professional knowledge and personal engagement. Prepare yourself for the interview by listing all your relevant professional experience that is relevant for that job. Additionally, elaborate on your motivation to work on that job. Finally, it is important that you practice your speech to have a smooth and confident communication. Remember, practice makes perfect.

How eikko helps

eikko provides an integrative solution that supports your job search. You will receive a variety of jobs based on your skills, including alternative roles that you otherwise might not consider. We believe that a customized CV is something from the past, and since our platform is based on skills, there is no need to tailor your CV.

You want to get an offer and to be hired, but there are many challenges that make this task harder. One thing is for certain, there are proven ways you can increase your chances by tackling the searching, application, and interview. For a faster track, eikko provides an integrative and easy solution.

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