3 tips for reducing interview anxiety

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3 tips for reducing interview anxiety
eikko - key tips for reducing interview anxiety

A job interview is the most important part of hiring. It is when the job seeker and the employer get to showcase themselves and reach a decision. It is only natural that a job seeker would feel anxious in such a decisiveness moment.

Job interview anxiety is so relevant that it even has its own research. Interview anxiety can be defined as feelings of nervousness or apprehension that are relatively stable within job applicants across employment interview situation. It can be recognized in communication (verbal and nonverbal), physical appearance (dress style) and autonomic reactions to one's body (fast heartbeat, sweaty palm).

You are not the only one who gets nervous in interviews

The problem with anxiety is how strongly it affects negatively the interview performance and how it impacts the hiring decisions even though it does not predict job performance. To add up, videoconference interviews decreases the chance of getting hired, instead of face-to-face.

Managing anxiety is the goal of a job interview preparation

Strategies to help manage anxiety

  1. Practice interviews with someone experienced who can give you honest feedback. Lack of preparation is one of the things that lead to anxiety. Employers are looking for persons with professional knowledge and personal engagement. Analyse the job’s responsibilities and prepare yourself for the interview by listing all your relevant professional experience.
  2. Positive imagery is all about picturing yourself acing the interview. From the moment you greet the interviewers, responding to their questions with confidence till its conclusion. Positive imagery has been demonstrated to decrease anxiety in interviews.
  3. Power posing is a body language technique, where you pose as expansive and openly, making you feel more confident. It has been proved that power posing before the interview enhances performance during the interview and increases the likelihood of being hired.

Overcoming the anxiety of a job interview is one of the biggest challenges. Numerous studies have been conducted to better understand it and to find solutions that help job seekers. It is possible to manage your anxiety if you practice interviews, prepare with positive imagery and before the interview use power posing body language. Now you just need to put it into practice and ace the interview!

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